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To serve or receive? That is the question.

‘Up or down?’ ‘M or W?’ ‘Lines up or lines down?’ Only the professionals have an umpire flipping a sparkly, shiny coin.  For the rest of us, we ask one of the above questions and spin our rackets. If we … Continue reading

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The Cross-over Step

If I see my opponent running through their shot I know I’ve succeeded in getting them off the court and off balance. In tennis it’s so important to hit from a good, solid, wide base. The stronger the base, the … Continue reading

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Practicing Simplicity

In my blog ‘Keeping it simple’ I wrote that, ‘A good, if not great, rule of thumb is if your feet are behind the baseline hit your ball cross court and if they are inside the baseline then go down … Continue reading

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Getting ready in 5 minutes.

When you only have 5 minutes to get ready to play a match there is a lot to consider. In the 5 minutes before a match you need to emotionally, mentally and physically prepare yourself. It’s not a lot of … Continue reading

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Hitting off the court vs. hitting through the court

Hitting off the court vs. hitting through the court? I thought you were just supposed to hit into the court?!  Making your ball is, of course, the ultimate goal but within that, if you have the control, there are many different … Continue reading

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Everything but the kitchen sink – what every player needs on hand.

When you see the professionals walk out onto Arthur Ashe stadium, Centre Court or even court 19 way out in the back of the grounds they are usually carrying one huge racket bag and one equally huge duffel bag.  What … Continue reading

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Come on kids – let’s play.

Tennis is a difficult sport; it’s awkward to learn, tough to get better at and impossible to perfect. You have to play tennis frequently to keep even a semblance of your current standard and you have to play a lot … Continue reading

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Chemistry and communication – there’s something to it.

I was never very good at mathematics or science at school but on the court it all made a lot more sense. One thing in particular I never had to study for was chemistry; on court chemistry that is (I … Continue reading

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Maturity wins the day or in this case the US Open

Imagine moving away from home at the age of fourteen to concentrate solely on an endeavor that focuses entirely on… you.  Not only at fourteen are you somewhat self obsessed but now you have multiple people obsessing over you too. … Continue reading

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Keeping It Simple

There is a statistic out there that says that the player who last touches the ball in each point generally loses the match, which means that matches are won and lost on unforced errors; it means that if you can … Continue reading

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