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Chemistry and communication – there’s something to it.

I was never very good at mathematics or science at school but on the court it all made a lot more sense. One thing in particular I never had to study for was chemistry; on court chemistry that is (I … Continue reading

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Maturity wins the day or in this case the US Open

Imagine moving away from home at the age of fourteen to concentrate solely on an endeavor that focuses entirely on… you.  Not only at fourteen are you somewhat self obsessed but now you have multiple people obsessing over you too. … Continue reading

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Keeping It Simple

There is a statistic out there that says that the player who last touches the ball in each point generally loses the match, which means that matches are won and lost on unforced errors; it means that if you can … Continue reading

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Welcome and hello

Welcome to my blog: Fox serves it up. My aim is to give you, the reader, as much information about tennis as possible. Whether it be about singles strategy, doubles drills, great tips for teaching children, technique, playing on different … Continue reading

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