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To serve or receive? That is the question.

‘Up or down?’ ‘M or W?’ ‘Lines up or lines down?’ Only the professionals have an umpire flipping a sparkly, shiny coin.  For the rest of us, we ask one of the above questions and spin our rackets. If we … Continue reading

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The Cross-over Step

If I see my opponent running through their shot I know I’ve succeeded in getting them off the court and off balance. In tennis it’s so important to hit from a good, solid, wide base. The stronger the base, the … Continue reading

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Getting ready in 5 minutes.

When you only have 5 minutes to get ready to play a match there is a lot to consider. In the 5 minutes before a match you need to emotionally, mentally and physically prepare yourself. It’s not a lot of … Continue reading

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Chemistry and communication – there’s something to it.

I was never very good at mathematics or science at school but on the court it all made a lot more sense. One thing in particular I never had to study for was chemistry; on court chemistry that is (I … Continue reading

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